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No need to look for multiple companies, we provide a complete home automation solution, including electrical work, low voltage wiring, lighting design, audio visual, cinema, shades, climate control, security, networking and support.

From cost efficient  automation control to the most advanced state of the art solution.


Our expertise in CAD rendering, drafting, planning, will help you determine your needs, whatever they may be.

From electrical work, lighting design, low voltage, audio visual conference room, IP telephony, shades, climate, security and networking, we can service all of your needs.


When only Bespoke work is needed along with the most precise planning, we are here to guide and provide you with a complete automation solution from concept, drafting, 3D, wiring, installation, programming and 24/24 support.

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Los Angeles, CA 90069
Tél : (310) 734-4288
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